Our Apps answer business owners

questions, that’s it really.

Oh, and Our Apps enable the most informed decision making, yes, think that’s it, really.

We know (and we’ve done it lots of times) that when our customers trust us with an insight into their business, their processes and workflow, that we can provide answers to the most pressing questions affecting business performance.

Our value lies in understanding your needs, identifying and analysing your business operations and information blockages, shortages, pinch points and providing some marvellous technology to answer the questions, fix the problems and help you to grow.

The most asked questions we hear from prospects is “does it cost a lot of money to build a business App?”.. 

…”and how much would you charge to build an App for me”. Two simple questions and they  sure are  difficult to answer with any degree of accuracy and  certainty. And the best answer we’ve found, especially for our small and micro businesses and organisations is…it depends.  But let’s have a try here.The most recent information, advice if you like has come from sites like Upwork.

Strategy & Roadmap.

How profitable are your individual products and services? Do all your Customers make you money? How wold you know and what would you do about it?

Video Authorisation

Send a video or image of  your parcel delivery or request authorisation to carry out additional work on a vehicle by playing a video of the intended work. Improve Customer satisfaction at the click of a button.

Meeting Regulatory Deadlines

Rather than taking time to collate reports for your particular regulatory bodies, we automate the process at the click of a button.

Capture that stuff! 

Capturing data, using that data to influence decision making, getting knowledge, using that knowledge to gain wisdom and insight, that’s what we provide.

Have a Project in Mind?

If you’re wondering how we can help your business or organisation, just complete this simple form detailing what you’d like to talk to us about. We’ll take it from there.