Some client projects.

Take a look at some of our recent work for our clients. They love what we do for them and would be happy to take a call from prospective customers.

‘EDGE Authorised’ video and image proof App.


‘EDGE Authorised’ automatically creates and sends requests for authorisations for car repairs, verified parcel delivery, ‘loads more’ based on our secure, trusted App.

Majorly, Bigly promting Ccustomer and stores image and video-based Proof Reports with just three clicks.
So it will prevent disputes and misunderstandings, promote customer assurance and protect your business.

Each text message provides a timed, easy to access video or image, request for authorisation for a quoted job of work or diaplying a photo of your package having been delivered.


From Door to Your Door

Productivity ,Business Operations

Our customer Diane Brassington of Westbury Ironing, has a marvelous memory, a great phone, really nice notebooks.

Trouble was her customer lists, information about service requirements, preferred customer methods of payment,  weren’t keeping up with business growth.

We got involved, built Apps to take customer orders, streamline job processing, invoicing, delivery and taking payment….oh and providing up to date business intelligence, that Diane can access on any device, at any time, anywhere from a bar in Prague to the pier in Eastbournse.

Expect a project cost of around £1,500 and £100 per month to keep the App fresh, creased and tidy.

Stocks App


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Other Work

Lanuge LMS

REal Esate

Fitness Tracker

Mobile Intranet

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